As Beauty Editor for High Gloss magazine, Sara Morrison has been known to go to extremes for her job. Doing a podcast while getting a Brazilian wax? Check. But she may have got more than she bargained for when she agreed to get a tattoo for a story. Even if the story is Mitch Smith – Sydney’s hottest celebrity tattoo artist. He was infuriating. An arrogant asshole she could never introduce to her parents. Too bad he had the ability to kiss her senseless.  


Recently returned from the States, Mitch’s manwhore reputation has followed him home, as has praise for his impressive career trajectory. Not bad for a boy from the wrong side of town. Sara is nothing like the women he usually dates, and Mitch knows he’ll never fit into her world. What is it they say about wanting what you can’t have?


Just as Sara begins to open herself to the possibility that Mitch could, in fact, be Mr Right, a secret from his past threatens. Can Sara survive the devastating consequences?

Getting Under Her Skin

  • This is a 228 page paperback novel, with a glossy cover

  • Your book will be posted in a tough mailer, to ensure its protection during the Australia Post process.