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If you like the action of The Walking Dead, the friendship of Stand By Me, and the sizzle of Fifty Shades of Grey, you’re going to love the post-apocalyptic After series!

The world is still ending, but now winter is closing in and it’s deadlier than ever.

Sandford’s party girl, Kat Tenor, isn’t about to let something like the apocalypse ruin her fun. The Sy-V virus may have decimated the world around her, but it hasn’t dimmed her charisma. If anything, she’s even more determined to see the best in a critical situation.

But when old secrets and new enemies challenge her at every turn and an impulsive act leads to devastating consequences, everything she’s fought to hold together begins to unravel.

Quinn Brent, guard for the new Sanford, has admired Kat’s tenacity from afar for too long. He knows that beneath her bubbly, messy exterior lies someone who’s fiercely loyal and kind. So when the unthinkable happens, and Kat’s light dims too much for him to handle, Quinn has no choice but to step out of the shadows and take on a rescue mission of his own. To find the girl he loves and save her from herself.

With brutally cold weather and their enemies closing in, the stakes are higher than ever… Can love survive the end of the world?


Author’s note: After Tomorrow is the third book in the After series of interconnected standalone post-apocalyptic romance novels, for fans of Kate L. Mary, Kate Morris, T.L. Payne, Stella Craig and Kyla Stone.

After Tomorrow is a standalone story with no cliffhangers and a HEA, however will be enjoyed further by reading the other books in the series. This is mature content written for 18+ readers - there is unsavory language and gratuitous sex. Lots of it. ♡


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After Tomorrow

  • This is a full-length paperback, which is the third in a series of four. However, it is a stand-alone with no cliffhanger.

  • Your book will be posted in a tough mailer, to ensure its protection during the Australia Post process.

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