Steamy reads with tatted heroes

What makes a bad-boy romance better? An inked bad-boy, of course. There is something about them that scream misunderstood rebel, all rough edges and hardened hunkiness that belies a softer side *swoon*

Getting Under Her Skin

This is our heroine Sara, when she fist sees our hero Mitch...

Sara’s throat went dry and her mind blanked. Which made no sense, because she always dressed to impress and was immune to men checking her out. But this man? He had her panties damp.

He was tall and broad, wearing a plain white t-shirt that hugged a muscular chest and tattooed arms. Scruffy, dark blonde hair was offset by designer stubble on chiseled cheekbones, a strong jaw and full, sensuous lips. Lips that quirked up as he registered she was also checking him out.

Photos on the Internet did not come close to preparing Sara for the sheer masculinity of this man. For her reaction to him. She was shaken by the frission of desire that fizzed through her just by looking at him.

Beneath This Ink, Meghan March

''I loved this book and it was an amazing instalment in this series. This book was sweet, sexy angsty, full of twists and turns, suspenseful, and had one tatted bad boy who will make you swoon... HARD!'' - Brianna, Renee Entress's Blog

Havoc, Kindle Alexander

''This is a pairing that shouldn't work but holy hell it does, I mean a cocky DA attorney and a patched biker dude from the Havoc Motorcycle club are completely opposite as you can get, but these two together are hot as hell.'' - Dawn Higgins

Catch Me When I Fall, A.L Jackson

''Buy it. Don’t hesitate. It has what you came looking for. Angst, alpha. Hot, cold. Desperate, needy. Push, pull. Fight, flight. Mystery, secrets and lies. A love that runs so deep it refuses to do anything but fight.'' - Annie




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