Book Review | Flying The Nest, Rachael Johns

What would you do if your husband told you, out of the blue, that he wanted to separate? A wife and mother for nearly two decades, Ashling – the main character of Flying The Nest - floundered. Adamant she wanted to save their marriage, she struggled through denial, grief and anger.

And while the nest parenting-style of separation is a hook on which much of the book’s drama hangs, it is the exquisitely wrought, compelling characters that Rachael Johns has created that will leave a reader hanging.

Rachael has a beautiful talent for writing authentic, multilayered internal conflicts, and the journey she takes Ashling on to discover what she really wants out of her life kept me reading way past my bedtime.

In the beginning it is easy – from my cosy, happily-married armchair – to be frustrated by Ashling’s easy acceptance of Adrian’s casual cruelty. Of only seeing her life through the prism of motherhood and marriage. However, Rachael’s careful portrayal of her oh-so-believable emotions meant my sympathy trumped the frustration.

And I was rewarded for this when Ashling finally saw Adrian without her rose-tinted glasses. Come on, he’s a podiatrist. And he guilts her into wearing sensible shoes. One of my favourite scenes was when she used their shared credit card to go on a (slightly hysterical) shopping spree at a high-end shoe boutique. It was divine.

On the off week she isn’t with her children, Ashling heads to the delightfully portrayed small coastal community, Ragged Point. It is here that she rediscovers herself – and romance.

The pacing is excellent and the story engaging – I was completely invested in Ashling reviving her life and it also made me pause to consider my own marriage. Ashling and Adrian’s marriage counsellor asks what the couple do together, and I think that’s an excellent question to ask of any partnership. I’m certainly guilty of doing a lot with my husband – but it almost always involves, the children, family or friends.

So with that, I’m off to plan a date night with the hubby!

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