Book Review | Far Cry, Kate Canterbary

Some authors can do no wrong. They could write a novel on crocodile shifters that eat fairies and I would one-click the shit out of that book. Kate Canterbary is one such writer. And bless the romance gods, because her backlist is big. B.I.G. So, close the laundry door and ignore that pile of ironing. After reading this review of Far Cry you'll fall down the Kate Canterbary rabbit hole. See you on the other side!

Kate Canterbary is known for her witty dialogue, sexy scenes and cleverly developed characters. Far Cry is part of her Talbott's Cove series and delivers all of the above with her customary aplomb.

The dedication reads 'For angry women', just in case you didn't know what you were getting in for. We first met Brooke in Hard Pressed (the second book in the series), when she had (unwillingly) moved back to her hometown of Talbott's Cove to look after her ailing father. I fell in love with her snark then, and Far Cry was everything I had hoped it would be.

Brooke has a kickass and very lucrative career, and she is proud of her independence. But she's lonely, and the strain of looking after her father is resulting in the inability to bring herself to orgasm. Which is enough to make any lady cranky, right?

Enter Jed. Jed owns the local tavern, makes artisan alcohol (anyone for a beach rose gin martini? *hand shoots up*), and has a beard and man bun. What's not to like, right? Brooke finds plenty not to like, and their barbed conversation is pretty great. Turns out, Jed is not so keen on her using his bar as her own personal pick up joint.

Helpfully, he obliges with her little can't-have-an-orgasm problem.

Time goes by, they ignore their chemistry and pretend nothing happened. We learn that Brooke is barely coping with her situation, and we get jealous of her friendship with Annette. Seriously, their conversations were better than the sex scenes. And that's saying a lot.

Brooke: You know what's hard?

Annette: It feels like you're walking me into a dick joke.

Brooke: Ha. I wouldn't have this issue if I had some good dick available.

Ms Canterbary is excellent at creating hilarious dialogue. Take, for example, this scene eating at a cafe...


"Second, it's not cockblocking when a guy gets in the way of you having sex. You can cockblock a guy, but he can't cockblock you."

"That's true," the server said as he set a glass in front of Annette, filled it with sangria, and nestled the pitcher between us. "It's called clamjamming."


I like that Brooke takes charge and doesn't apologise for her sexual needs. She can be demanding, dismissive and downright rude (she calls her hook-ups with Jed "dick reservations"). But I'm cool with that. Mostly I think because Jed is cool with it; he doesn't feel used or under-valued. And it's a nice change in romance to have the asshole be the chick.

?What do you think about assertive women in romance?




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