Jacqueline Hayley 

Author of kissing stories

I picked up my first Mills & Boon when I was 14 and I fell in love with the romance of a happily-ever-after (Sweet Valley High had nothing on the historical heroines I got hooked on). I have a Bachelor Degree in Print Journalism but, having always been tempted to embellish the facts of a story, decided I was more suited to writing works of fiction. I write in between wrangling two daughters and my very own tall, handsome husband. *wink wink*

Anything But Love was my debut novel, followed by Getting Under Her Skin. I'm also the editor of Blush Magazine, which is a curated compilation of all. things. awesome.



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DISCLAIMER: I make commission through affiliate links, so if you purchase a book via my links - thank you!  Just trying to eke out a living over here!  :)

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