Melanie Pickering

The Beginning of the End

One of the best series prequels I've ever read. Originally released in weekly installments, I couldn't get enough of Hayley's apocalyptical world and eagerly awaited each chapter with baited breath. It's gripping, terrifying, exciting, grief-inducing and hopeful all at once. The writing is snappy and immersing. I can't wait to find out what's in store for Cassie, Stephen and their friends in The After Series!

Great concept, amazing characters and a well-written plot. I was sucked into the immersive world of this book right from the first page and was left wanting more after turning the last one. This book is full of ups and downs and that kept the tension so tight that it was impossible to put it down even for a minute. The writing is simple yet very effective and had a great flow. The execution of the plot and the world-building were spot-on and the characterisation felt realistic and relatable.

V.B. Law

After Today

Realistic, immersive, and hot apocalyptic romance that kept me up way too late! The insanity of a panicked city population with the looting, wanton destruction, and guns was very realistically described as Mackenzie and Jake tried to gather supplies before leaving Chicago. I loved this novel. I found the situation and the characters to be very realistic, so it was immersive to read. I know I keep repeating this “realistic” bit, but it truly is remarkable in this genre. I didn’t have to suspend disbelief – I believed!

H.M. Hodgson

After Today

What do you get when you layer a hot, hot, hot romance with great characters and a fast-paced, end of the world plot? One fantastic book! After Today had my heart racing, and I couldn’t put this book down till the last page. Can’t wait for more of this series!

Charity Rowell

After Today

The premise is realistic and well-articulated. It's easy to suspend disbelief whilst reading about the government's and civilians' responses to the threat. The plot has a good balance of action and narrative. The plot is paced well with only brief lulls in the narrative. The characters are unique, engaging, and realistic. I was emotionally invested in Mac and Jake's relationship, and I was hoping that their relationship would overcome any challenges that they encountered.

Tanya Nellestein

After Yesterday

This series just keeps getting better. Rachel's story give a different perspective and to the apocalypse but also the characters trying to survive. Hayley keeps the tension high with confronting scenes worthy of all great post-apocalyptic epics, and eases the tension perfectly with those steamy sex scenes. Can't wait for Book 3.