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EXCERPT | Anything But Love

Robert hadn’t meant to kiss her. He hadn’t even thought about it. His body craved contact with hers and before he knew it he was drowning in her.

A kitten-like mewl sounded from her and brought him to his senses. Raising his head he set his hands on her shoulders and took a step back – her lust-dazed eyes following him.

And then she licked her lips, and he couldn’t stop himself. He dove right back in and claimed those full, lush lips. While the first kiss had been slow and measured, as he’d explored the nirvana of her mouth, now he was frantic and she was just as eager, moving her hands to his lower back, kneading and holding him closer.

He wanted more. He wanted everything. He wanted to lick every single of inch of her silky skin as she moaned his name. He wanted to sink himself so deep inside her that his world would never be the same. The woman had gotten under his skin and made him lose control and damn if he didn’t need it.

“Okay, stop. I need to breathe.” She fisted her hands and held them against his chest, not raising her eyes to meet his. His heart hammered in his chest and he could see the pulse jumping under the delicate skin of her throat, her uneven breath betraying just how affected she was.

“This is –” She couldn’t finish the sentence. In her silence, he removed his knee from the warmth between her legs and released his hold on her glossy hair, which had tumbled down around her shoulders.

“Crazy, I know.” He took a step back, putting some distance between them even as his body screamed for him to hoist her up and wrap her legs around his waist.

Crazy on so many levels. He just didn’t know whether to trust his gut feelings on her having no ulterior motives, or question whether his lust for her was clouding her true intentions. How could she not have known about Damien’s financial strife and his plan to sell the farm to solve the problem?

Because they’ve been broken up for six months?

Okay, there was a chance she didn’t know about Damien’s scheming. But that didn’t change the fact that she was his brother’s ex-fiancé. That was just a cut and dried no-go zone. Right?

His cock was disagreeing. Strongly.

Time to remove himself from this situation, before things escalated any more than they had already. He had no intention of ceding any of his high moral ground to Damien, which would absolutely happen if he let anything further happen with his ex almost-sister-in-law.

He took another step back, and still her darkened eyes held his, as though waiting for his next move. The perceptible rise and fall of her chest and lushly parted lips indicated that, crazy or not, she was more than ready to see where this could lead.

Christ, who the hell came up with that old adage ‘two wrongs don’t make a right’? Because he’d really like to use Damien’s wrongs as an excuse to take this further with Sophie. And he was damn sure it would feel right.

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